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Sports Injuries for Children ER vs Doctor

Pain management

For American kids, there are many sports to play that require kids to wear pads, have protective equipment, and check themselves often for injuries. Kids are kids though and sometimes they won’t be entirely aware of their injuries enough to tell their parents, especially if the event takes place in the backyard rather than a sponsored event.

American kids have many dangerous sports to play. They include football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track and field, and more. Football remains the most prevalent case of injuries, with basketball second, and baseball third. Hockey does not rank in the top three possibly due to the padding but also perhaps due to the lack of participation.

The statistics are: The most dangerous youth sports are football, basketball, and baseball. Each year, more than 215,00

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Why Are Doctors So Stressed Out?

Life burnout

For everyone in the working world, every person building a career, it’s important to maintain a work-life balance. If that work-life balance is neglected, workplace anger and workplace stress can erupt. It’s important to keep an eye out for symptoms of being overtired, particularly if you are employed at a stressful job.

Symptoms of being overtired happen across careers. In fact, about one million employees miss work every day because of workplace stress. 25% of employees in the United States have felt the need to take a mental health day and a whopping two thirds say that work impacts their stress levels.

Though burnout and symptoms of being overtired can occur to anyone, job burnout and job stress happen dispr

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