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Cats Are Content Most of the Time — Which is Costing Vet’s Offices Bigtime

veterinarian equipmentThe U.S. is predominantly made up of animal lovers. We keep all sorts of pets, occasionally those we probably shouldn’t. By far and away, cats and dogs are our favorite animals to live with, and they can almost be considered our unofficial national animals. Some living in America would sure like them to be.

Consider that there are upwards of 350 million people living in America today. Around 46 million of us own dogs, and a slightly smaller section of individuals own cats (38.9 million households). That shows exactly how common these animals are in our lives.

Still, U.S. clinics say they’re not seeing our cats enough, potentially leaving them open to health risks. It also affects a clinic’s ability to purchase and maintain the latest and most advanced veterinarian equipment available.

In f...

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