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3 Reasons You Should Get a Second Opinion If Your Doctor Tells You to Get a Hysterectomy

Uterus fibroids treatment

Of all the different uterine fibroid treatments out there, the most commonly performed one is the hysterectomy, a procedure which removes the uterus. While this is quite possibly one of the only fibroid treatments — if not the only — to effectively eliminate fibroids and ensure they don’t return, it’s not necessarily the best choice.

If your doctor suggests a hysterectomy as the solution to your symptoms of fibroid cysts, you should probably get a second opinion. Here’s why.

There are other uterine fibroids treatment options out there. Although a hysterectomy is definitely effective, there are o

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Is Liquid Yoga Just A Passing Trend?

Local yoga classes

For dedicated devotees struggling through their Yoga certification, here’s one small silver lining — at least you don’t have to practice yoga on the water. The latest wrinkle in the “off the mat” yoga practice: stand up paddle board yoga. As of 2013, almost 20 million Americans practiced Yoga regularly, but there’s no data yet on how many do so on the water.

Some instructors call it Liquid Yoga, and they train their students to perform their poses on large surfboard-like water craft. And Liquid Yoga practitioners say it ups the ante — one wrong move and the student could go plunging into the water.

“It’s the same type of practice, just at a different level,” said Lora Charmaine Saul

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