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Has Your Pediatrician Talked to You About Pool Safety?

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Finding a pediatrician can be a real challenge, but you’ll be happy that you have one lined up when the summer months roll around, and you have your week constantly being interrupted by bee stings, skateboard mishaps, and skinned knees. If you have a pool, or if your children regularly visit one, then you have a whole other category of health issues to worry about. Here are a few things in particular to look out for, and which you may want to find pediatrician assistance with.

Swimmer’s Ear

Your pediatrics clinic has probably seen more cases of external otitis than you have seen grass-stained jeans. This particular type of ear infection is known as swimmer’s ear because it can develop as a result of water being trapped in the ear, and swimming in polluted water. Using an ear swab in the

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Four Very Healthy Foods to Enjoy While on a Diet

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As each diet fad and miracle weight loss pill rises in popularity, and ultimately falls, it becomes clearer and clearer that the benefit of whole foods diets can’t be beat. After all, the only clear formula for weight loss and better fitness has been revealed to be the adoption of a healthy diet in combination with an active lifestyle. The only challenge lies in figuring out which healthy foods to eat on a diet to get the most health benefits. Here are a few nutrient dense vegetables and other whole foods that are especially nutritious, and worth enjoyin.


Spinach, especially when it’s not cooked into oblivion, is a good source of an incredible number of vitamins and minerals. Here are just a few that spinach is a very good source of:

  • Folic Acid
  • Potassium
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